The Rain Garden Is One Of The More Popular Landscape Ideas

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A rain garden is great for rain water harvesting and can set up other landscape ideas such as patios, ponds and paver walkways

A growing trend around our country is the rain garden.

If you are not familiar with the term, a rain garden is a shallow depression designed for rainwater collection. A rain garden temporarily stores excess water until it has time to soak into the ground. With the right soil structure and water loving plants, rain gardens can be both beautiful and environmentally beneficial.

Why Rain Gardens Are Gaining Popularity

Not only are rain gardens beautiful, but they are very beneficial as well.

  • They naturally filter storm water and replenish the water table.
  • Most rain gardens are composed of native plants that require minimal maintenance.
  • They provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.

When Considering A Rain Garden

Rain Garden | Rain Gardens | Madison WI | Proscapes LLC

A rain garden can be a simple presentation used for only rain water harvesting

A rain garden is generally located at least ten feet away from a house. Their sizes can vary widely depending on how much water is directed to them, but the dimensions for most rain gardens are from 50–500 square feet. Directing water to a rain garden can be achieved by grading the soil surface through drainage swales, extending downspouts with above ground piping or hiding pipes through subsurface piping.

Rain Garden Considerations

An average rain garden can be constructed by digging 16″ deep depression in the preferred location and filling it with 12″ of an equal mixture of one third topsoil, compost, and sand. To finish the preparation stage, add the cover top soil mixture along with 2″ of bark mulch and install perennials, grasses, trees, or shrubs that do well in rain garden conditions.

You can find appropriate plants via the web or local nurseries. Some popular choices include New England Aster, Sneezeweed, Prairie Blazing star, Blue Lobella, Golden Alexander, Blue Flag Iris, and Sedge Grasses.

Other landscape ideas can include the addition of bird houses, decorative boulders, or other garden ornaments to make your garden unique and personalized.

Why You Build A Rain Garden

Rain Garden | Rain Gardens | Madison WI | Proscapes LLC

A simple but colorful rain garden can set off your home or other landscape ideas you may have

Runoff can contain pollutants, sediment and fertilizers. Rain Gardens help store and filter water which would otherwise drain into lakes and streams. However, another great reason to have a rain garden is they can be beautiful and attract a wide array of wildlife.

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Rain gardens: a beautiful way for you to reduce runoff pollution!