Setting Landscape Design Goals – Form Follows Function

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With a well done landscape design, you’ll be able to visualize how your landscaping project will look before the construction begins in Madison WI

When beginning the process of landscape design, people often don’t look at the big picture before beginning a landscaping project. The result is often having an uncontrollable project in terms of the daily work and the budget.

If a homeowner has not identified their needs and expectations, we most likely will not be able to satisfy them in the end. So having a comprehensive landscape design will eliminate many headaches and keep costs under control. Ultimately, a well-conceived landscape design on the front end of the process will usually produce a satisfied customer at the end of the process.

Our experience is many homeowners don’t realize everything involved in a landscaping project. This can cause a series of problems – a limited understanding of the landscaping process coupled with no landscape design. A good design and build firm will expand awareness of a homeowner, help the homeowner define how to use an area, and create a personalized outdoor space.

Landscape Design – Function Dictates Form In Madison WI

How you will use an area and what your preferences are what should be defined first. They will drive your landscape design and ensure your enjoyment of the finished landscaping project.

The best place to start a landscape design is with a few questions –

  • How will you use your yard?
    • If you plan on entertaining you will want to consider hard surfaces, decks, walkways, flow-through from your home, night lighting, etc.
  • Do you want privacy?
    • A higher degree of privacy leads to hedges or privacy fencing and/or walls.
  • Do you have pets?
    • Will a dog run be needed, or a kennel or other structure for your animals?
  • Given your location or estate, do you want a theme to be introduced to the plan?
    • For example, living by water relates to a nautical landscape theme, while a ranch or rustic home setting may have a more natural theme to match your home with its surroundings.
  • Do you want your design to match the feel of your architecture?
    • There are many variations of design, but to illustrate this concept, consider that a more contemporary structure may have a design with sharper lines, while a more traditional look will look better with a symmetrical design and a more natural looking building will feel better with a rolling, less structured layout.
  • Do you want specific texture or colors?
    • Plants can be a major component in any plan. The leaves, blooms and colors of the plants can inject a textured feel to any design, providing an entirely unique dimension. Additionally, how plants present themselves in winter can add a year round quality to any landscaping project.
  • Consider your past experiences.
    • Childhood often provides fond memories of plants or physical structures adding a great deal to your final design (and enjoyment).
  • How much maintenance do you want to do?
    • Many enjoy working in their yards while others see it as complete drudgery. Your preferences and interests can help you identify features for design such as ponds, plants that require active pruning, “mower friendly”lawns, etc.
  • Consider the size of your grounds.
    • If you have larger grounds and want to reduce maintenance, certain areas can be left wild, or prairie grasses and natives can be planted, providing a pleasing outdoor area that requiring less attention. Smaller grounds lend well to cozy personalized spaces such as front entrance courtyards serving as an extension of your home.

Expert Landscape Design In Madison WI

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A complete landscape design can include ponds, a patio, fire pit, grading of yard and other great options for better living in Madison WI

Often people expect a landscape design coupled with a professional landscaping company is expensive. The truth is because we design and build, our landscape design plans usually help stretch a budget. Being integrated as we are, we can be much more efficient than traditional landscaping companies.

At Proscapes LLC, we are experienced professionals at landscape design. We have countless examples in and around Madison WI area, including Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, Deforest, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Stoughton and all other communities in south central Wisconsin.

Contact us at (608) 244-6464 or email us – we want to help with your landscaping projects and provide you with a complete landscape design in Madison WI.


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