Pondless Waterfalls

A New Trend In Madison WI
Everybody loves the sound of water. A pondless waterfall provides a soothing, relaxing sound at the end of a busy day, on a quiet morning or helping you drift off to sleep at night. It is a natural, one of a kind sound that ushers serenity and tranquility into your day to day life.

A Pondless Waterfall is just what you think it is… a waterfall without a pond. While not everyone wants a pond, very few people can deny the enjoyment of the sound and beauty of a pondless waterfall.

Why People want a Pondless Waterfall – Home – Business – Commercial

People associate sounds with activities and memories.

Think about it. You most likely have memories of gorgeous mountain streams and waterfalls, or babbling brooks you have seen while walking in the woods. If you close your eyes and recall the scenes in your mind will likely still hear the water as it gushes through a rocky stream bed and splashes against the wet rocks. Proscapes can re-create this look, feel and sound in your very own backyard. And, while we can create traditional backyard waterfalls with ponds, many homeowners not wanting a full-fledged pond find a pondless waterfall to be the best option for adding water in their landscape.

A Pondless Waterfall Requires Less Maintenance 

One of the best features about a pondless waterfall according to our customers is they require virtually no maintenance. A pondless waterfall is becoming one of the more popular garden water features in the Madison area. It can be designed so there is no standing water. What makes these garden water features so great is a small bubbling fountain can be directed into a series of waterfalls ending in a bed of decorative gravel.

With a pondless waterfall, location is very significant. Our experience tells us with garden water features the best location is close to the house. Sound can be enjoyed while you are outside or just listening through the window. It’s still soothing and relaxing.

Garden water features such as the pondless waterfall, require planning. Backyard waterfalls have different sounds depending on the following variables:

  • Speed of the water
  • Different rock types allow water to flow at different rates
  • Rocks can be placed at different angles and directions

All of these factors make a difference in the type of sound and volume your pondless waterfall will have. Details make the difference when constructing any garden water features. Knowing the how to construct the rock surface is difference between effective water distribution for great backyard waterfalls and simple drainage.

Pondless Waterfalls And Low Maintenance Garden Water Features 

Without a doubt, a pondless waterfall is one of the highest impact garden water features with the least amount of worry – consider the following.

  • They are great for people who don’t want a pond…just a waterfall and stream.
  • A pondless waterfall fits in small spaces.
  • It is perfect for public settings where child safety or the liabilities of a pond may be a concern.
  • A pondless waterfall virtually maintenance free! A simple refill the reservoir every few weeks or add a water fill valve.
  • Great alternative for a front yard pond.
  • There is no ecological need to run the system continuously. Set a timer – ideal for vacations and night/day settings.
  • No fish – no feeding – no cleaning.
  • Business & Commercial Settings

Call Proscapes LLC for help in building a pondless waterfall or other garden water features. We love creating backyard waterfalls for family and friends to enjoy. Areas we serve in the Madison WI area include Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, Deforest, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, McFarland, Stoughton and all other communities in south central Wisconsin.

Contact us at (608) 244-6464 or email us – we want to help create your pondless waterfall.

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