Mulch And Top Soil Calculator


Double Ground Red Mulch

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Screened Topsoil

Screened Topsoil

Landscape Mulch and Top Soil 

Our Premium Mulch, made from Northern Wisconsin Hardwood trees, is ground twice to create a uniform product of the highest quality in the richest brown color tone. It is guaranteed to be disease free and fresh!

Color enhanced landscaping mulch has become more popular in recent years because it retains the color longer, without fading from the sun. Available in Red, Black, and Brown, the dye used for color enhanced landscaping mulch is not toxic or harmful and similar to food coloring.

Landscaping Mulch Protect Plants and Soil

Protecting the soil with mulch, also known as ground cover, is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your landscaping including ornamental or garden plants, shrubs, and trees. Landscaping mulch guards against erosion, helps plants maintain their equilibrium during weather variations, and holds moisture in.

Mulch can either warm or cool the soil temperature during the growing season, and it protects perennials, shrubs and trees during the winter months. Landscape mulch also helps stop weed growth and, if you choose organic options, improves the soil. Plus, it gives the entire landscape a nice, finished look.

Bagged Landscape Mulch Is Often Two Years Old

While buying landscaping mulch in bags seems convenient, you are usually buying wood chips that are about 2 years old. In the spring, you are buying left overs that were stored all winter long. Prior to that, the process of bagging and distributing plastic bags of wood chips can take months to reach big box stores. Mulch is organic, thus it starts to break down from day one. Old bags of landscaping mulch can often be prematurely decomposed and contain fungi or moldy. Too often some of this mulch is ground up scraps from the construction industry or wood shipping pallets. This is why we only sell fresh mulch in bulk available for delivery by the cubic yard. Our mulch is ground for second time right as it goes into the semi for delivery to here!!

Landscaping Top Soil

When it comes to dirt, there is a difference. screened topsoil (commonly called sifted topsoil, pulverized or shredded topsoil) is used for gardens, flower beds, lawn repair, leveling lawns, etc. where pit run black dirt would be used for landscape projects like building a berm, back-filling retaining walls, filling in an old swimming pool, etc. Pit run black dirt WILL be much clumpier, contain more sticks and stones than screened and shredded top soil. We sell our pulverized topsoil by the yard and you can pick it up or we can deliver it to your house!

Our Mason, Bedding or Play Sand is the highest quality material. Proscapes LLC has golden, pristine sand, perfect for beach areas, play scapes, sandboxes, lakefronts, sandblasting, or whatever your need. Don’t mess around with bags of sand spilling all over, order in bulk and save big!

We also can deliver landscape supplies like gravel, stone, crushed concrete, sod, and more in and around Madison, Sun Prairie, Deforest, Cottage Grove, Mcfarland, Monona, Marshall, Cambridge and eastern Dane County.

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For Rectangular Areas

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For Circular Areas

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Step 2

Enter Desired Depth: inches
Estimated Required Quantity: cubic yards
Suggested Order Quantity: cubic yards


1 cubic yard is equivalent to:

  • about 5 to 7 wheelbarrows of material
  • about 22 bushels baskets of material
  • about a bathtub full of material
  • about 200 gallons


1 cubic yard covers

  • at 1 inch deep, 324 square feet
  • at 2 inches deep, 162 square feet
  • at 3 inches deep, 108 square feet
  • at 4 inches deep, 81 square feet
  • at 6 inches deep, 54 square feet
  • at 8 inches deep, 40 square feet
  • at 9 inches deep, 36 square feet
  • at 12 inches deep, 27 square feet