Outdoor Living – Just Add Friends & Family

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Outdoor living planning is just like a diamond in the rough. Just as the full beauty, brilliance and luster of a rough diamond must be released by a skillful diamond cutter, an outdoor living plan requires an expert in multiple facets of outdoor living. Proscapes LLC sees nearly every back yard as a ‘diamond in […] MORE

Landscaping – Hire A Professional Landscaper or DIY?

Landscaping | Landscapers | Madison WI | Proscapes LLC | Landscape Design

Landscaping in Madison WI can be a dilemma. Nearly every homeowner sees themselves as a landscaper to some extent. Most projects are easy to understand in basic terms, at least conceptually. This introduces a number of questions. Is there any reason why you could not do the landscaping project yourself? It seems easy enough. Why […] MORE

Patio Building – Pick an Authorized Paver Contractor

Patio | Pavers | Madison WI | Proscapes Landscaping

When investing in large patio and landscaping project, selecting an Authorized Pavers Contractor is one of the best decisions you can make. For one thing, your patio will be done correctly. There are many steps from patio design, installing the foundation, placing and affixing the pavers and supporting a new patio with the appropriate landscaping […] MORE

Proper Spring Pond Cleaning

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As your pond begins to slowly awaken from its long winter slumber, you will first notice that your fish will begin to move around on a warm day. Do not feed your fish until the water temperature is above 55 degrees. Buy a pond thermometer as you will use it in the spring and fall. […] MORE

Choosing a Professional Landscape Contractor

Are you longing for green grass, flowers, sunshine and an average daily temperature over 60 degrees? Believe it or not, now is the time to start dreaming up your ideas for your landscaping project so you will be able to enjoy your backyard paradise all summer long. Timing Is Everything In Landscape Design Planning Timing […] MORE