A Retaining Wall Can Set Your Home Apart

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Retaining walls can help create stair cases highlighting the entry areas of your home

A retaining wall often times increases usable areas in your yard. And, depending on where a retaining wall is placed and what it is constructed with, it can enhance the looks of your property, and possibly increase your home value in Madison WI.

A retaining wall is designed to restrain soil. It is a structure used to create two distinct elevations. Usually a retaining wall is used where there is a steeper slope that may not be practical or even safe. You will see them used often in hillside farming and roadway overpasses are common commercial uses. In residential situations, a retaining wall can be a practical and beautiful landscaping tool. The bottom line is retaining walls solve problems and can improve the aesthetics of your home and yard a great deal.

Retaining Wall Basics

Retaining walls have been used more and more in landscaping in recent years. There are more options than ever before in terms of more shapes, colors and types of blocks available for building a retaining wall. In addition, there are multiple construction methods that can be used depending the type of retaining wall you want and area in which you are working. Retaining Wall Definition

A Retaining Wall Is Durable

A retaining wall requires very little maintenance after construction. Unless you have a dry stack wall and choose to rearrange stones, there is

Retaining Wall | Retaining Walls | Madison WI | Proscapes LLC

A retaining wall can help accent other aspects of your yard or create a planting bed

no upkeep needed. Ignoring your wall is the best “maintenance” after it is built. Retaining walls are almost always built using natural products, so the elements have little impact and rarely require repair. A retaining wall is usually a good investment because repair or replacement is almost never needed.

Retaining Walls Work Hard

Well-made retaining walls are functional and withstand tons of weight. When installed correctly, it can hold back earth and water for decades without fail. It can also be very helpful when developing a tiered garden that is as practical as it will be impressive.

Retaining Walls Are Green

Ecologically-minded homeowners love retaining walls because most are made with sustainable products. It uses much less concrete than traditional walls and natural vegetation is not disturbed, reducing water runoff. If well-conceived, retaining walls merge with your home’s natural surroundings so it looks great, is natural and will last a long, long time.

Retaining Wall Experts

Proscapes LLC has retaining wall experts who can create just about anything a homeowner can imagine. Our landscape design specialists often build upon initial concepts using their vast experience to add style and functionality.

Retaining Wall | Retaining Walls | Madison WI | Proscapes LLC

A well placed retaining wall can be striking and stylish

For more information about how a retaining wall can add to your yard and garden, contact the professionals at Proscapes, LLC. Our landscaping expertise can help your retaining wall make the impact you want. We serve all of Dane County including Madison WI, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg Oregon, McFarland and Cottage Grove.

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